March 2013

WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK: recent developments in the protection given to whistleblowers under UK law

March 16, 2013

Whistleblowing has been a prominent feature in the headlines recently and public enquiries and scandals in many sectors have exposed the current protection for whistleblowers to scrutiny. Calls for change have intensified since Gary Walker, the former Chief Executive of the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS, hit the headlines as he was “gagged” from raising concerns […]

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Can an At-Will Employee Be Unlawfully Discharged?

March 15, 2013

Guest post based on US employment laws. Although an employment relationship is presumed to be at-will in most states, allowing an employer to lawfully discharge an employee at any time, and without prior warning, there are numerous exceptions to this rule that protect employees against adverse employment actions. These exceptions are recognized by the courts, […]

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Can racial harassment constitute gross misconduct?

March 11, 2013

A recent excerpt in the Daily Telegraph reported the dismissal of a police officer for making racially-motivated comments towards another colleague in the Metropolitan police force. We’ll take a look at the above matter in this article and examine whether racial harassment can constitute grounds for gross misconduct and potential dismissal. In the case reported […]

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Police officer who compared black colleague to money sacked

March 10, 2013

The Daily Telegraph reports that a white police officer who compared a black colleague to a monkey has been sacked for gross misconduct. Mr Hughes, a former police constable with the Metropolitan Police,  was accused by a  black colleague of his of making racially offensive comments towards him in early 2012, including comparing him to […]

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The Complex Issue of Religious Discrimination in the Business World

March 5, 2013

Guest post from a US writer regarding the complex issue of religious discrimination in the business world (mainly based on US law) with some general tips for employers. Religious freedom in the workplace is one of the most complex and difficult issues an employer must deal with. The law sounds simple enough – Title VII […]

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Get To Know More about What Litigation Means

March 2, 2013

(Guest post regarding litigation in general, not just employment law claims). In simple terms, litigation refers to any controversy that is heard in the court of law in front of a jury or judge. In most cases, it is favourable if both parties involved in a lawsuit, can reach settle the case outside of court. […]

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