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Employee law

How Much Do You Really Lose When Injured at Work?

November 27, 2013

No one is immune from the possibility of being injured at the workplace. No matter how many safety features are in place, these unplanned accidents can still occur. After a serious injury, you are likely to incur a lot of added expenses due to your injury. Most of the time, the employee does not even […]

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Psychological Damage from Stress at Work

June 18, 2013

Stress kills. There’s no way around this. When you’re in a stressful environment, whether it’s your workplace or somewhere else, your body goes through changes that you cannot control. The stress response is set up to deal with situations that may have been common long ago—being chased by a bear, for instance—but that rarely happen […]

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Independent Contractor vs. Employee

May 23, 2013

(US employment law and generally) Quite a bit of confusion exists about the differences between an employee and an independent contractor. Some people may be independent contractors and not realize that they are classified as such. Other workers may think they are independent contractors but find that they are employees. To avoid confusion and owed […]

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