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US policewoman wins $5.7 million after being sexually harassed at work

March 24, 2014

A former St Louis police officer has been awarded millions of dollars by a court after she succeeded in her claim that she had been harassed and discriminated by fellow officers on the police force. Tanisha Ross-Paige, a former canine officer in the St Louis police force, made her claims for sex discrimination, sexual harassment, […]

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Transsexual PC loses Employment Tribunal claim

December 16, 2013

A transsexual police officer has had her employment tribunal claim for discrimination and harassment after she claimed that she had been offended by having to “out” herself at work. PC Emma Chapman made her Employment Tribunal claims after she complained that she had been forced to “out” herself over the radio system whilst working for […]

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Worker wins racial harassment claim after nickname “Golliwog Brian” given

August 26, 2013

A worker has won a claim for racial harassment in the Employment Tribunal after both he and other workers were subjected at work to what the Tribunal described as “unacceptable” nicknames and comments. Mr Roy Morgan brought a claim for racial discrimination and racial harassment last year against his employer, Halls of Gloucester, after both […]

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Protect Yourself From Retaliation and Wrongful Termination in the Workplace

January 29, 2013

Wrongful termination and workplace retaliation are on the rise. Wrongful termination occurs when an employer illegally ends an employee’s contract, usually for invalid reasons. Workplace retaliation is a form of employee punishment whereby an employer uses disciplinary measures against an employee after that employee engaged in legally protected activity. Types of retaliation include demotion, pay […]

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Man wins age discrimination claim after being referred to as “Yoda”

January 21, 2013

An employee has won his age discrimination and unfair dismissal claim against his employers after he was nicknamed “Yoda” and made redundant. Mr Nolan, a service team leader at Evans Halshaw Motorhouse Workshop, complained to an Employment Tribunal that he had been discriminated against and unfairly dismissed after he was made redundant in February 2012. […]

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Race harassment in the workplace – how to identify it and protect yourself

August 17, 2012

A recent Daily Mail article demonstrates the continuing pervasiveness of racial discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Mrs Davies, a former Job Centre employee, was subjected to race-related harassment and was forced to resign from her employment because she objected to racially offensive conversations during working hours. She subsequently claimed in the Employment Tribunal for […]

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