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sexual harassment

Banker labelled “crazy miss Cokehead” wins Employment Tribunal claim

November 5, 2013

A successful female banker who was forced out of her job after being labelled “a major car crash” and a “cokehead” has won her employment tribunal claims for sexual harassment, victimisation, sex discrimination and unfair dismissal against a major eastern European bank, The Mail Online reports. Miss Svetlana Lokhova worked for Sberbank – the biggest […]

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Virgin Atlantic worker’s claim for sexual harassment comes to the Employment Tribunal

June 12, 2013

A Virgin Atlantic employee’s claims for discrimination and harassment have come to a full hearing in the Employment Tribunal in London. Mr Ashley Roberts, 30, works at Virgin Atlantic. He submitted a claim for sexual harassment to the Employment Tribunal last year after taking employment law advice on the merits of his claim as he […]

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How do I know if I’ve been sexually harassed in the workplace?

December 2, 2012

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a very serious and quite pervasive issue – a Eurofound report in 2005 found that 5% of female workers in the United Kingdom had reported incidents of sexual harassment or unwanted sexual attention. These figures – in reality – probably under-represent the amount of workplace sexual harassment that occurs […]

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Sexual Harassment: Fight It Early and Often

November 29, 2012

Sexual harassment is nothing to overlook. Even the most mindless flirtations can lead to sexual harassment or can be construed as such. If you have been affected by workplace harassment, proper action must be taken. Victims of sexual harassment commonly suffer psychological and physical harm. Sometimes these problems take months to manifest while some are […]

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I feel I am being sexually harassed and discriminated against at my workplace by do not know what it entails?

December 12, 2011

It is clearly stated in UK employment law that it is illegal to sexually harass anyone in the workplace. A person must not pursue a course of conduct which amounts to harassment of another, and which they know or ought to know amounts to harassment of the other person. Examples of what constitutes sexual harassment […]

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