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Unemployment issues: what to do if you think you’ve been mistreated

by Employment Blawg on October 29, 2013

Guest post regarding mistreatment at work and employment law.

Losing your job is a horrible experience but it’s even worse if that dismissal was, in your opinion, undeserved or unwarranted.

You feel let down with no option of doing much about it. You’re struggling to take on a massive organisation, all on your own, an organisation with the resources to blow you out of the water.

It feels like standing at the foot of a mountain.

Unfortunately, the muscle and might that many businesses can wield means that, should you choose to take them on, you are at a serious disadvantage. After all, what do you know about employment law?

Getting help

The good news is that help is at hand. You aren’t alone. You won’t have to spend sleepless nights looking over dusty books by candle light just to try and get to grips with the legal rights you have in the workplace. If we’re brutally honest, very few of us average Joes really know much about the ins and outs of the law.

Thankfully, firms like The Co-operative Legal Services have that knowledge, and know how to use it. They only represent claimants, not businesses or employers, meaning that you can be sure that they have your best interests at heart.

Some people, it seems, are prepared to take the side of the little guy.

What to do when facing trouble?

A good initial step is to pick up your phone and give the Co-op a call. At the other end of the line will be experienced, knowledgeable legal advisors; people who know the ins and outs of employment law and are in a fantastic position to be able to advise you what to do next –  regardless of whether you should take action or would be better off doing nothing.

If it is to your advantage to proceed with a claim, you will be able to access solicitors with specialist, professional knowledge of employment law. This experience can be harnessed to tackle a number of different areas, including harassment in the workplace, issues over pay, redundancy and many others. Solicitors are able to offer general advice as well as direct legal assistance if need be.

Whenever you’ve got a problem or a challenge, knowing that you aren’t alone counts for a lot. When you’re struggling with the legal issues surrounding your job, just remember that The Co-operative Legal Services could be standing alongside you.

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