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What is a workplace accident claim?

by Employment Blawg on November 28, 2012

Guest post regarding workplace accident claims.

A workplace accident is one in which you receive physical or mental harm at work which is unintentional and unexpected. These accidents can be massively traumatic for the sufferer, often meaning that you may be worried to go back to work for fear of further harm or simply are unable to work due to the extent of your injuries.

Sometimes these injuries can be long lasting meaning that you could potentially run into problems with regards to sick pay. This is when a compensation payment can really come in handy.

Not your fault

You don’t have to worry that you will be blamed if you carry out a work accident claim as it is your employers’ responsibility to protect you while you’re at work and make sure you are safe.

This means that you should not be blamed for your workplace accident if injuries were sustained because you were underprepared or undertrained.

If your workplace accident was caused by another employee rather than a trip or fall, you would still be able to make a personal injury claim.

Making a claim

If you want to make a work injury claim, you need to ensure that you research your particular injury and what your rights are. This can be done easily using search engines and there are many websites set up to help make your claim as easy and as stress free as possible.

Medical information will always be needed in these types of claims so it is important that you get yourself assessed by a qualified professional as soon as possible. Making a formal record of the incident in your work’s accident book is also essential and will help give your solicitor concrete proof of the accident and injuries that resulted from it.

Making a work injury claim may seem like a daunting and scary task, but, with the right help, it will not be this way. As long as you know your facts and do your research properly, your claim will be trouble free and you should receive your compensation in no time.

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