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Do you know your Employment Law rights?

by Donnareflect on July 27, 2013

All companies need to know what their obligations are when it comes to employment law and without the right knowledge on these matters, employers can and have found themselves embroiled in legal battles. Employment law is in place to protect both employers and employees, and if is treated with respect and adhered to, workplaces stand a far better chance of becoming and remaining prosperous environments where all concerned are happy to be. Adhering to employment law as an employer can help you to reduce your staff turnover and make your company more efficient too.

Get the Best Defence

One of the principle areas of employment law is employees’ rights. The law dictates how much sick pay and wage plus the level of minimum wage employees are entitled to. If these requirements are not met, staff has the right to take action. These regulations are in place to prevent workers from being treated unfairly, underpaid and discriminated against. Employment law can also be used to decide whether a termination of employment is fair or unfair too. The law can be tough to keep track of however, and is often sent as particularly complex, which means that most companies have a strong legal team behind them to guide them in certain situations. Workplace disputes are and always have been an ongoing concern, and employment law advice can be used to put settle such friction.

Stay Up-To-Date

The law on employment can change as regularly as every six months, whether this means major or minor amendments being made. This further underlines the need for employers to remain knowledgeable and up to date with these changes. Understandably, it can be tough to get to grips with these developments when you have a business to run which explains why the assistance of an outside corporate law firm can be worth its weight in gold. One of the most notable changes in employment law in the UK occurred in late 2010 when the Equality Act was brought in, which has led to more discrimination cases being brought forward than ever before. The Act recognises more types of discrimination than ever before, and this exemplifies just why it is so important to remain fully updated in changes to employment law. It’s often said that something of a ‘claim culture’ has become commonplace in the UK, which means that employees must work harder than ever to ensure that the various rules and regulations around employment are not violated.

IT lawyers and IP lawyers

Many cases can be very costly for businesses, and if compensation is rewarded, the relevant expenses can seriously compromise business operations. If a case is out forward, seeking out the most robust representation possible is incredibly important, so it really does make sense to form strong relationships with the right corporate law firms London before problems surface. Away from employment law, many firms often require the additional help of technology lawyers and solicitors and intellectual property lawyers – especially in an ever-expanding digital culture and constant change in office staff.

There are a number of top solicitors in Kent that specialise in employment law and can help you with any enquiries that you may have regarding your employment rights. Do not hesitate to get in touch with your nearest law firm.

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