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Fees for Employment Tribunals

by PaulReflect on August 27, 2013

The High Court has recently granted permission for a review of the new fees for employment tribunals.

Level one claimants who are claiming for holiday pay, unpaid wages and redundancy payouts will now be liable to pay an initial fee of £160. On top of the issue fee, claimants are also expected to pay a £230 hearing fee.

However level two claimants claiming for cases such as discrimination and unfair dismissal are going to be charged a hearing fee of £950 and an issue fee of £250 going forwards.

In October there will be a judicial review for tribunal fees to fight against the high fees as they are deemed to be unfair. Although disappointing that the fees still have to be paid, it is a step towards justice for employees.

UNISON has said that there has not yet been an assessment of the public sector equity duty and charging high fees for people with protected characteristics.

The latest Employment Law News mentions that extreme changes are not expected to occur following these new fees however Employment Solicitors should see a reduction in vexatious claims as claimants will think twice before proceeding with a claim due to the initial payout expected.

The fees for employment tribunals will affect the way claimants will proceed going forwards.  The Tribunal Fees will put people off from bringing in claims which will reduce spurious claims however some claims may be valid but claimants will be put off by the amount expected to pay up front.

For those on benefits such as job seekers will be able to apply for a remission instead of paying the fees.

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