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Here’s What to Do If You’re Injured on the Job

by Andrew Miller on January 1, 2013

injured on the jobIn 2007 in the USA, over 50,000 individuals died from work-related injuries. While some injuries are unfortunate accidents, others are the result of defective equipment or negligence. While work injuries aren’t always fatal, they must always be taken seriously. The most common body parts involved in work-related injuries are the spine, head and hands.

Work injuries can happen to anyone, and if you are in an accident while at work it is imperative you know what to do.

Get Medical Treatment

The first thing you should do, regardless of how serious or insignificant you think the injury might be, is seek medical treatment. First aid can be given to you on site, but it is a good idea to get professional medical attention off-site as well. Your employer will probably have provided you with a list of practitioners that are authorized by the Workers’ Compensation Board, so try to visit these practitioners unless it is an emergency. Remember, all medical attention your injury receives will be covered by your employer’s insurance carrier. Finally, listen to the doctor’s instructions so that you can recover fully.

Tell Your Supervisor and Document Everything

After your injury has been treated, you must report the injury to your supervisor. You have 30 days to do this, otherwise you risk losing your rights for Workers’ Compensation. In addition to telling your supervisor, it is strongly recommended that you document everything regarding your injury. The more detail the better, as accuracy will only help you if there are problems with compensation down the road. Include the place of injury, time of injury, and details regarding what your injury was. If the injury was serious, be sure to mention anything defective or hazardous that was likely responsible for your injury.

Fill Out a Form for Workers’ Compensation

Once your supervisor has been notified of your injury and all the details have been written down, fill out a form for your Workers’ Compensation. Be sure to fill out the form in detail, and be sure all the information is correct and honest, and mail the form to your nearest Workers’ Compensation Bureau office. Again, it is best to be prompt with this. Waiting too long to report your injury could jeopardize your eligibility to receive compensation.

Talk to a Legal Professional

The last thing you may want to do is seek legal guidance. Workers’ Compensation can be confusing, and having the help of an experienced legal professional will ensure that you receive the maximum compensation you deserve. Most lawyers offer free consultations.

Keep these tips in mind if you ever sustain an injury while on the job. First and foremost, it is hugely important to look after yourself; be sure to get medical attention immediately so that you can recover quickly and return to work. However, following these other steps will ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Especially if your injury was caused by defective equipment or negligence, you will want to consider legal guidance.

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