September 2013

Blurred lines in constructive dismissal claims for failure to deal promptly and properly with grievances

September 12, 2013

The recent Employment Appeal Tribunal case of Blackburn v Aldi Stores Ltd UKEAT/0185/12/JOJ brings to the fore again the fact that employers must properly deal with grievances to ensure that they don’t open themselves up to litigation in the Employment Tribunal Grievances, constructive dismissal claims and the Employment Tribunal The recent case of Blackburn v Aldi […]

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Nelson v. Knight and the Perils of Being Friendly with Your Boss

September 2, 2013

(US Employment Law) If you work for a company for over ten years, you’re bound to become pretty close with your boss, right?  Well, a recent decision from the Supreme Court of Iowa shows why, if you’re a member of the opposite sex, you might be better off maintaining a healthy boundary between your personal […]

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