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Accidents at Work

Accidents at Work in 2014 (Statistics)

January 28, 2015

When you’re at work it is unfortunate but important to remember accidents do happen. You and your employer share responsibility for your safety, if you encounter an accident at work it might not be you’re fault. So check that your employer has carried out his duties correctly, if he hasn’t you might be entitle to […]

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Thames Water ordered to pay £361,000 after fatal accident at work

January 26, 2015

An English utility company has been ordered by the English courts to pay over £350,000 in fines and costs after a long-serving employee was killed in an accident at work in 2010. Thames Water Utilities Limited (“TWUL”) has been fined and ordered to pay costs of £361,000 by the Southwark Crown Court after Mr Raymond […]

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How common are kitchen accidents? Statistics are people too

October 16, 2014

Recent surveys carried out both in North America and Europe clearly demonstrate both the demographic of commercial kitchen workers and the prevalence of certain injuries that they unfortunately all too frequently sustain. Nearly half of the accidents occur to employees under the age of 25 reflecting the low-wage nature of much of this sector and […]

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Accident at work lands company in court

April 9, 2014

A Leicestershire-based company has been fined by the Magistrates’ Court after it pleaded guilty to health and safety offences that led to serious injuries to one of its workers. K & DE Barnett and Sons were fined almost £7,000 and ordered to pay the prosecution’s costs after a worker fell from the a stack of […]

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Firm heavily fined after worker suffers serious injury in fall at work

March 5, 2014

An Aberdeen-based company has been heavily fined after one of its workers was seriously injured in an accident at work in 2009. Mr Valentin Taljanov, 61, suffered the accident at work whilst he was contracted to Lawrie [Demolition] Limited. Mr Taljanov, who was working as a labourer for the company when he suffered the accident, […]

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Avoiding accidents in a commercial kitchen

February 4, 2014

Commercial kitchens can be very dangerous environments and the risk of workers sustaining injuries cannot be completely eliminated. However, by vigilantly engaging with health and safety guidelines, employers can take steps to negate workplace risks faced by their employers and protect themselves from compensation claims in the process. Employers must ensure that the following three […]

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Can I claim compensation for an injury suffered when working on a farm?

January 13, 2014

Well, not surprisingly you can’t claim accident compensation if you are a one man business and you suffered an injury that was the consequence of your own failure to manage risk, organise a safe working environment for yourself and take the necessary steps to ensure your own health, safety and welfare. Essentially, you can’t make […]

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Are OTJ Roofing Accidents on the Decline?

January 11, 2014

According to Occupational Safety & Health Administration statistics, there were 264 deaths related to on-the-job falls during 2010. By 2012, that number had climbed to 278. These falls are generally preventable with the right training and safety measures, but despite OSHA training programs and information campaigns, deaths continue to occur. One recent on-the-job fall occurred […]

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Payout for actor blinded in on-stage duel

January 10, 2014

Many people who carry out dangerous duties as part of their daily workplace activities are aware that such activities come with a risk. They accept that the risk is part of the job in question and rely upon their own training together with the duty of care their employer has to keep them safe. However, […]

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Common causes of injuries working at height

January 10, 2014

Almost all of the injuries caused by working at height are the result of falls.  The fact that the number of work related falls from height still run into many thousands each year in this supposedly health and safety obsessed country appears to point to a certain blind spot in health and safety management within […]

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