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Accidents at Work in 2014 (Statistics)

by PaulReflect on January 28, 2015

When you’re at work it is unfortunate but important to remember accidents do happen. You and your employer share responsibility for your safety, if you encounter an accident at work it might not be you’re fault. So check that your employer has carried out his duties correctly, if he hasn’t you might be entitle to work injury compensation.

The duties that your employer is responsible for are;

  1. Ensuring all staff have the correct training.
  2. Any slipping or tripping hazards should be shown.
  3. Lighting for work to be carried out must be satisfactory
  4. Delivering well-maintained equipment suitable for the task.

Some startling statistics are highlighted, in an infographic created by work accident and injury claims solicitors Kent Compensation, that during 2013/2014, 133 workers were killed whilst at work. 89 of these were employed and 44 self-employed, with the most dangerous industry in the UK being construction. Despite the chances of an accident happening to you seeming low, it is always a possibility and it can pay dividends to your safety and wellbeing by knowing what is expected of your employed at the work place.

Accidents at Work

Infographic created by Kent Compensation personal injury lawyers based in Maidstone, Kent who offer expert advice on compensation claims for accident and injuries at work.

Considering that 203,000 people were out of work for over three days absence due to an injury caused by work, and a further 148,000 people were out of work for over 7 days as a result of a work injury, not everyone knows if they are entitled to compensation. You shouldn’t lose out on your working hours due to being mistreated at your work place. Be sure to get in touch with accident at work solicitors if you feel you have the right to claim for an accident at work.

Kent Compensation can be contacted at 68 King Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1BL – 01622 698002

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