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Claiming from your boss after an accident

by Employment Blawg on November 29, 2012

Guest post regarding accident claims at work.

When you’re at work, you feel under pressure to constantly impress your employer by doing the best job you can. For fear of losing your job, you want to perform every minute of every hour of every day, but there are some things that can affect your ability to work such as a workplace injury. Even if your workplace appears safe on the surface, you never know what could happen if you’re given something dangerous to do and aren’t given the proper instructions.

Accidents at work are rare, but even the smallest error in making your place of work safe could lead to serious illness or injury, whether it’s through misplaces boxes, poorly-maintained equipment or even a slippery floor that’s not been thoroughly cleaned. If you fall victim to an accident, you might wonder how long your injury will last, whether it will harm you financially and if it will mean you will never be able to work again. All those questions and more may cloud your thinking, but you may also wonder who’s to blame.

In many cases, workplace accidents are the fault of the employer. Any disregard of health and safety such as a lack of maintenance, safety equipment and long, irregular working hours can often result in accidents that can be prevented from happening. Should you suffer an injury through any of those causes, you may want to take some form of legal action in order to get justice, but is it possible to claim against your boss?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Whoever’s at fault for any injury you suffer, if you can prove it with actual evidence, you can make a compensation claim against them. Meanwhile, if you fear being relieved of your duties by your employer, you don’t have to worry, as legally, they cannot dismiss you from your role. This will help you to feel safe in the knowledge that you can claim against them without fearing the worst.

If you do decide to make a claim against your boss, accident at work claims from first4lawyers are worth looking into. To make one, all you need is some legal representation, proof of your injury and evidence that your employer neglected their duty to provide a safe, secure and hazard-free working environment and you’re ready to go. If your claim is successful, you will probably be awarded financial compensation equivalent to the money you’ve lost since your workplace accident, which will make recovery far easier to cope with.

Any compensation you do win could help to pay for a number of things. Food, electricity, water and other essentials will be easier to pay for before you’re ready to return to work. You’ll also be able to pay for physiotherapy, medication and other expenses that go towards paying for your recovery, while you will also feel that justice has been done and your employer has learnt a lesson about making sure that your former colleagues work free from the risk of injury or illness.

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