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Tips for Improving Work Safety

by JRO on December 15, 2013

Workplace safety is very important for workers and their employers. With proper safety measures in place, employers can create a safe and healthy environment that protects employees on the job. Employers also gain financial benefits by practicing workplace safety. For example, employers see a reduction in costs associated with workplace incidents, which include lost wages, worker’s compensation claims, and legal fees. Encourage a work culture in your organization that is safe by using the tips below.

Train Your Managers

Managers are important for the success of any organization. They are your leaders, the eyes and ears of your business. Make certain that you have leaders in place who are trained on your company’s workplace safety policy. They should also understand how your workplace safety policy relates to your organization’s mission and core values.

Develop a Safety Employee Plan

Employee training is an essential aspect of an organization’s success. Develop a safety plan for your employees and train them. The OSHA Act of 1970 is a Federal law that requires training on specific safety and health-related topics. The law recommends that employees be trained in the areas of sexual harassment, ethics, safety, and the technical skills needed to complete the job at hand safely and successfully. A well-trained workforce is essential for excellent worker productivity and their well-being. An employer who takes the time to train their employees tends to have a lower turnover rate and spends less on training than other businesses that have a high turnover rate.

Focus Your Safety Efforts on Problem Areas

Take the time to watch your employees work. This will allow you to learn how your employees do their jobs and watch for any strengths and weaknesses. Look out for employees taking shortcuts that reduce safety. Keep an eye out for employees who perform work tasks in an improved manner that could be adopted by other staff members. This will help you learn about any safety issues that your workers are displaying and eliminate these safety violations by focusing your efforts on the actual problems you are seeing. Your greatest safety improvement will come from eliminating the safety violations that contribute to the most injuries.

Get Your Employees to Take a Safety Perception Survey

There are many great reasons to give your employees a survey relating to your company’s workplace safety policy. The most prominent reason is a survey will assist your organization in connecting reality and perception concerning what your employees think and know about workplace safety. A survey will help you gauge whether everyone is on the same page and answer many more safety-related questions and concerns. Surveys also help you recognize the weaknesses and strengths in your safety program. Everyone from all levels of your organization should take the survey for optimal quality and effectiveness.

By training your managers, developing a safety plan, and focusing on your organization’s problem areas, you can make a great impact on your company’s safety policy. Boost your bottom line, improve employee morale, and increase employee productivity with the proper workplace safety measures in place. When employees know they have a safe work environment, they feel like they can make a difference. What this translates to is less staff turnover, fewer absences, and better work quality.


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