Emma Flood

Ghost or Ghoul? Discrimination in the Workplace at Halloween

October 30, 2016

It was a dark, dark night and employees all over the country were preparing to celebrate….Halloween is becoming increasingly popular every year and many workplaces have begun to join in the holiday festivities. However, what they may not have considered is how All Hallows’ Eve may bring up some scary employment issues, especially those relating […]

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Indirect Discrimination & the Chez Razpredelenie Bulgaria ruling – Why those “suffering alongside” Minority Groups Could Make a Claim Against their Employer

August 27, 2016

In the recent case of Chez Razpredelenie Bulgaria, the ECJ extended indirect discrimination claims to include those who are not actually part of a disadvantaged group, but suffer the effects of the discriminatory policy nonetheless. This ruling will allow claims to be brought by those who “suffer alongside” the affected group. But will this have […]

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