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Protecting the Rights of Construction Workers with Employment Posters

by Employment Blawg on November 30, 2012

Guest post regarding construction workers and employment law rights (mainly based on US law).

Construction trade provides the largest number of employment opportunities all over the country to more than 7 million workers. Construction is a never-ending process, as each day new buildings and developments take place. It can be rightly said that the construction industry is, and will keep, providing the much desired employment to innumerable people always. Although construction is such a significant industry, people working on construction sites still need to deal with hazardous conditions on regular basis.

Construction and employment law

Construction workers have to work in various, and mostly difficult, conditions due to the nature of their job. Thus safety of the workers is the prime concern of employers and contractors. Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA and US department of labor has set some guidelines for the companies and employers to ensure that the workers and their rights are protected. To make the workers aware of their rights and issues pertaining to their safety, it is mandatory to display employment Posters in the work area. These posters contain all the information that can keep the workers aware of their rights and ensure their safety in the workplace.

According to the regulations set by OSHA, an employer is required to provide all the essential information about the risks involved in a workplace, along with preventive measures, to the employees. It is the duty of the employers to make sure that their workers are safe all the time and are equipped with proper safety equipment. Hard hats, safety gloves, eye protection, earmuffs and boots are some of the essential items included in the safety gear of the construction employees. Construction workers are given the right that they can ask about the imminent dangers and risks that are involved in their job or posed by the various equipments. It is against the law to send the workers to work in areas that lack adequate safety. Also, asking the workers to use equipment or machinery that has not been properly secured is also illegal. If the employees feel that the working conditions are unsafe, then they can report this to the employer or site supervisor. Workers can even request the department of OSHA to conduct an inspection of construction site. Employees can refuse to work in an unsafe environment until the construction site is made safer.

Apart from that, the workplace should also be free from any hazards. Placing protective signs around debris, holes and other hazardous materials is a major consideration towards the safety of the construction workers. There should also be provisions of adequate lighting and warning signs so that the area in which they are working is safe. All these and plenty of other regulations and laws set by OSHA and US department of Law are clearly mentioned in the labor law compliance posters. Displaying Employment Posters can prove helpful in providing employees proper and up-to-date information about their rights and safety and also avoid any mishap or injury on the construction site. If you are working in the construction industry, do pay attention to the posters around the workplaces to well protect your rights.

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