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Tips for Maintaining Safety in the Workplace

January 28, 2013

Safety in the workplace is paramount if you are working with dangerous tools, equipment or machinery. Safety in the workplace is also important even if you don’t have a highly dangerous job. It is important for a company to make sure that workers stay safe, because injured workers equal lost time and money for the business. […]

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Dangers of Working on the Railroad: A Look at Injury Statistics

January 25, 2013

Working on the railroad can be a dangerous occupation at times, which is hardly surprising. The injury statistics of those working in this profession display how hazardous it is to be working around trains. The work may be hard, and the pay is certainly not the greatest, but somebody’s got to make sure the trains […]

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Health Related Occupational Stress Injuries

January 17, 2013

(US employment and PI law and general issues). Repetitive stress injuries are a category of disability whose predictability is determined by the amount of time an employee spends performing the same task over and over, and the number of times the task has to be performed (in an hour or day) to meet performance quotas. […]

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