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WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK: recent developments in the protection given to whistleblowers under UK law

March 16, 2013

Whistleblowing has been a prominent feature in the headlines recently and public enquiries and scandals in many sectors have exposed the current protection for whistleblowers to scrutiny. Calls for change have intensified since Gary Walker, the former Chief Executive of the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS, hit the headlines as he was “gagged” from raising concerns […]

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Whistleblowing – what is it?

January 21, 2013

There’s been a spate of whistleblowing cases in the news recently – a  Royal Marine claimed he was sacked after highlighting financial irregularities, a former Royal Bank of Scotland executive went to the Employment Tribunal after claiming he was forced out over problems he was highlighting, and a former price analyst at ICIS fired after […]

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Workplace Intimidation, What Should You Do?

December 4, 2012

If you’ve ever heard stories of workplace conditions before the Department of Labor started imposing regulations, you know that employees had very few rights. There was an extreme amount of work place intimidation, coming not only from the higher ups, but from peers worried about keeping their jobs. Work place intimidation is exactly how things were able […]

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Employers need to be more attuned to whistleblowing

November 19, 2012

Ask most employers about whistleblowing and many will tell you that their understanding is that it relates to very serious, obvious wrongdoing which is tantamount to serious criminal activity, such as perhaps insider dealing or serious fraud. Whistleblowing does of course include these items but in fact it goes a lot wider than that and […]

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Whistleblowing at work – what to do and how to protect yourself

August 17, 2012

A recent article on Your Local Guardian highlights the unfair treatment that can be afforded to workers when they legitimately “blow the whistle” at work. Direct 2 Lawyers’ specialist solicitors deal with whistleblowing claims on a regular basis, providing free legal advice over the phone to workers who may have been the victim of unfair […]

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