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Injured on the Construction Site: What are My Rights?

by Andrew Miller on December 4, 2012

The last several years have been quite difficult for those working in the construction industry. With low demand for construction or even remodeling, finding a job proved to be quite challenging for tradesmen and women around the world. Fortunately, most experts agree that the construction industry appears to be on the upswing, with rates of new construction increasing dramatically in the last few months. While jobs may be more plentiful, the dangers associated with working in this profession are still quite abundant. Individuals who are injured on the construction site should be aware of their rights to ensure optimal care and compensation.

While there are a number of rights given to individuals who have been injured on the construction site, one of the most important may be related to medical expenses. Most states have laws in place that require employers to pay for any and all medical bills that occurred as the result of injury on the construction site. In addition, employers are also often expected to pay for medical bills associated with future medical appointments, even if they have not yet been scheduled. In this day of rising health care costs, most experts agree that compensation for hospital bills is crucial.

Depending on the severity of the injury or accident, employees may be unable to work for quite some time. Fortunately, state laws ensure that construction site accident victims will not suffer financially following a work-related injury. In fact, most accident victims can expect to receive payment for any wages that were lost following the event—and in some cases, this payment may even extend after the individual has returned to work. This typically occurs when workers are unable to return to their previous level of employment, and must take a job that offers lower rates of compensation.

Though there is no question that accidents which occur on the construction site may be quite physically painful, they can also cause severe emotional stress. Because of this concern, construction site accident victims are typically awarded payment for any pain or suffering that occurred due to the specific injury. Depending on the state and severity of the accident, the amount of payment that individuals can expect to receive for pain and suffering may vary quite substantially. In some cases, accident victims may have to prove exactly how they suffered to receive financial compensation.

Often, it is not only the victim that suffers following an accident on the construction site—in fact, spouses and other family members often experience severe emotional distress. It should come as no surprise, then, that family members are often able to obtain ‘loss of consortium’ compensation. ‘Loss of consortium’ is typically given to family members when the injured worker is unable to provide the same amount of comfort and care as they did in the past. According to the Utah State Legislature, a marriage must already be in place before the accident occurred to grant ‘loss of consortium’ compensation.


Construction Injuries and the resulting loss of work can have detrimental effects to a person and their family.  Gallon Law can make sure your rights are protected and you get the compensation you deserve while you are suffering from work related injuries.

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