Dangers of Working on the Railroad: A Look at Injury Statistics

January 25, 2013

Working on the railroad can be a dangerous occupation at times, which is hardly surprising. The injury statistics of those working in this profession display how hazardous it is to be working around trains. The work may be hard, and the pay is certainly not the greatest, but somebody’s got to make sure the trains […]

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Mesothelioma and Other Professions Affected by This Disease

January 18, 2013

Though rare, mesothelioma, a form of cancer that affects the lining of internal organs, is extremely devastating. It is most often seen in the bodies of people who have had long term exposure to asbestos and normally does not develop until about twenty to fifty years after exposure has taken place. Because asbestos was used […]

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Protecting the Rights of Construction Workers with Employment Posters

November 30, 2012

Guest post regarding construction workers and employment law rights (mainly based on US law). Construction trade provides the largest number of employment opportunities all over the country to more than 7 million workers. Construction is a never-ending process, as each day new buildings and developments take place. It can be rightly said that the construction […]

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