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Demolition Dangers: Protecting Yourself With Proper Safety Equipment

by Andrew Miller on January 28, 2013

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Having the correct safety equipment is so vital on the jobsite that words can’t even express it. Without the right safety equipment, you could end up injured – or worse yet – dead. Demolition is a very risky business, so you should do everything in your power exercise safety. Here are some examples of the type of safety equipment you should have during demolition.

Get the Right Pair of Work Boots

It should be mandated that everyone on a demolition site must wear steel-tipped, leatherwork boots. Not only do they offer solid support for the feet throughout the day, but more importantly, they are vital in protecting your feet from the various dangers on a demolition site. These dangers could be everything from simple wood shards to more harmful stray nails. The steel-tipped toes on the work boots are a bonus form of protection: they will guard your sensitive toes in case any heavy objects fall on your boots.

Leather Gloves Are Necessary

Leather gloves are just as important on the construction or demolition site as the steel-tipped work boots. This is because the workers are likely to pick up all manner of objects around the site, which can lead to unexpected injuries. As workers pick up various pieces of debris around the site, they could get cuts and piercings from nails and other sharp objects. Leather gloves are ideal for protecting the hands since they can shield against wood or pieces of glass.

Don’t Forget to Wear a Hard Hat

Probably the most well known piece of safety equipment at a demolition site is the yellow hard hat. Based on guidelines from the OSHA, a hard hat is a mandatory piece of safety equipment when in an environment where there is the very real possibility of heavy objects falling on your head. It’s also vital that a hard hat be properly fitted to an individual’s head to prevent head trauma, so ensure a snug fit for added protection.

Time to Wear a Face Mask

Some people may completely forget about the facemask, even though it is also a vital part of safety equipment on a demolition site. A facemask is going to stop tiny wood and dust particles from getting into your lungs where they can do damage. While you won’t feel the deadly effects of these particles immediately, over time you’ll likely succumb to their poisonous effects. Problems like asthma can emerge from breathing too many of these particles; some people may even die when exposure becomes too great.

There are far too many demolition dangers on a site, which is why it is important to wear the right safety equipment at all times. Wearing the right safety equipment at all times can mean the difference between being injured and being safe, or between being alive and dying. While injuries and deaths are not an everyday occurrence, it is always better to be safe than sorry, especially at a high-risk site like a demolition site.

If you have been injured on the job site because of someone else’s failure to provide safety in the work environment, you may have a case.

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