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Disabled and Can’t Work? Is Social Security Disability an Option?

by Andrew Miller on January 2, 2013

Social Security Disability

There are federal programs put into place to provide assistance for individuals who are disabled and can’t earn an income. Social security disability is one of the programs that was designed and funded solely to help people survive if they are no longer capable of bringing in the finances responsible to care for themselves and their loved ones. Like many government programs, there is no way of knowing whether or not you will even be considered if you apply. So how are you supposed to know if you qualify for social security disability? Should you waste your time going through the application process if there’s no hope of getting your claim approved? All information you need to know about social security disability is below.

 Many People Are Denied Social Security Disability

It is estimated that out of all the social security disability claims that the government receives, 70 percent of them will be denied after the first application. With those kinds of statistics being thrown around, it can be very discouraging for disabled individuals thinking of applying. The best thing to do is learn everything you can about the process and try to talk to people who have been approved, finding any common threads between their situations. Some people make simple mistakes on their applications and are denied for that, only to be approved later when the mistake is fixed.

How to Qualify For Social Security Disability

In order to be allowed social security disability benefits you need to have worked at a job for a set number of years, paying into social security taxes. They run social security disability on a credit system; you receive a certain number of credits for set amount of times worked, with up to 4 credits being earned a year. The amount of credits you require to receive social security disability is tied to what age you were when you could no longer work because of your disability. A man who became disabled at the age of 50 would need 28 work credits to be eligible. That’s 7 years of work, with 5 coming in the last 10 years. If the system sounds complicated, that’s because it is!

How Long Does the Application Process Take?

It varies, but most cases take 24 months minimum before a decision is reached. For somebody who can’t earn an income because of their disability, two years can feel like an eternity. If a hearing is required it can take even longer. It’s very important to find an attorney who can represent you and is familiar with how to win these cases. Some people only receive this one shot, so it’s best to make the most of it. The great thing is that if you are approved you will be compensated for the six months after your disability affected you.

If you are disabled and had your social security disability claim denied, you still have options. You can appeal your claim or find a suitable attorney who is familiar with the appeal process to help you through it. With most claims being dismissed, you can’t get discouraged if you are denied. You need to keep your head up and power through. Your best bet is to find somebody to represent you from the beginning of the process so you have the best shot at being accepted.

If you have been denied social security disability or have been disabled and are thinking about applying for benefits, contacting a lawyer to represent you is crucial.  Disparti Law Group has a collection of experienced social security disability lawyers that can provide legal guidance during this difficult time.  For more information about their nationwide services and social security disability, visit the website at www.SocialsecurityDisabilityChicago.com.

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