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Employment Tribunal cases in the news last week

by Direct2Lawyers on August 12, 2013

In this post we’re going to look at a number of Employment Tribunal cases that have made the headlines in the last week, including:

Black worker awarded £27,000 after hearing colleague referred to as golliwog (The Telegraph)

A black worker who worked at a fruit and vegetable wholesaler in Gloucester has won his Employment Tribunal claims for constructive unfair dismissal, direct race discrimination and racial harassment after he resigned after being referred to as “golliwog Brian” and “black Brian” by his colleagues. A panel at Bristol Employment Tribunal ruled that Mr Roy Morgan having to listen to the racist nicknames being used had “violated his dignity” and awarded him £27,000 in damages.

Ex-wife of Mercedes Benz heir ‘told her Polish housekeeper she must not get pregnant unless she informed her first’ (Mail Online)

A former housekeeper, Ms Teresa Filipowska, has won her claims for unfair dismissal and pregnancy discrimination after she claimed that her former employer, Countess Maya von Schoenburg, fired her because she told her she was pregnant. Ms Filipowska, who started working for Countess von Schoenburg in 2008, had previously been told when she started work for the Countess that she was banned from having children for at least a year.

Anorexic nursery teacher handed compensation over dealings with Camden headteacher (Ham & High)

A former nursery-school teacher who quit her job after a lengthy legal battle with her employer has won her claim for constructive dismissal and disability discrimination in the Employment Tribunal. Ms Jane Gray, 35, who suffers from anorexia, claimed that she had been victimized by the school and that it had failed to make the necessary reasonable adjustments for her condition, compelling her to resign.

Success for former Moorlands school headteacher in battle over ‘bullying’ (Get Reading)

A former headteacher at a Reading primary school has won an appeal to the Court of Appeal, allowing her to get her Employment Tribunal claim back on track. Sudhana Singh joined Moorlands Primary School in 2009 but claimed that her appointment was “hostile” from the start, with difficulties arising with her relationships with governors, staff and parents. She was forced to take paid leave during an investigation into her activities and submitted claims for discrimination, harassment and victimisation. She subsequently resigned from her post and also submitted a claim for constructive dismissal.

Car salesman fired for being too old…at 52 (The Daily Star)

A Birmingham-based car salesman has won his Employment Tribunal claim after he claimed his former employer had dismissed him for being “too old”. Mr Gary Hawkins, a father of four, had worked for Carcraft for a period of eight months when he was called into his boss’ office and told that he was “too old for my team, you’re sacked”.

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