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Tips to Prevent Constant Aches and Pains Associated With a Desk Job

by Andrew Miller on January 30, 2013

injured at workWorking in an office the whole day long will inevitably lead to constant aches and pains – it’s just part of the job! However, if precautions are not taken to prevent pain and soreness, serious injuries may develop.  Over time though, these constant aches and pains will make your day at work very miserable, and they may also be signs of worse problems with your body, such as the deterioration of your musculoskeletal system. Here are some tips to prevent the constant aches and pains associated with a desk job.

You Must Take Some Breaks

This is perhaps the easiest and most efficient way to prevent those constant aches and pains. If you sit for extended lengths of time, you should definitely get up and walk around for even just a couple of minutes. Extended periods of sitting are horribly bad for both your back muscles and your spine. When you stand, be sure to stand up straight and with good posture.

Work in Some Stretching

Stretching may look a bit weird during your day at work – unless you work alone in a home office – but it is very effective at relieving the constant aches and pains from sitting all day. Stretching not only relieves back pain, but it also ensures that your spine stays flexible. Get up, stand up straight, and position your hands on your hips as you carefully lean back so that your spine ends up curving. This will relieve pressure on your back to some extent.

It’s How You Position Your Computer

You can easily maintain good posture at your desk job if you make sure that your computer monitor stays at eye level at all times. If you position your monitor too high so that you have to tilt back your head to view it accurately, it can result in neck, back, and even shoulder pain. Be sure to also arrange your mouse and keyboard so that they are within your reach. That way you can spare yourself from hunching forward when working at your desk. Finally, your wrists must also have solid support as you either type on the keyboard or use the mouse.

Get Yourself an Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair is not just nice to have; it is absolutely necessary to have if you work long hours at a desk job the whole day. An ergonomic chair basically makes certain that your spine is properly aligned, that your back gets great support, and that your weight is evenly distributed. If you’ve been sitting in a bad chair, you’ll almost immediately notice the benefits when you sit in an ergonomic chair.

With these tips, you should have a much easier time working away at your desk job. If you’ve been feeling tired or even on the verge of burnout on the job, you’ll be amazed at how these simple and practical tips can make you feel better, and become more productive too. Your constant aches and pains at your desk job will be a thing of the past with these tips.

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